Engineering Our Sustainable & Equitable Future

2021-2022 Challenge

Design and build a technology that improves access to clean water somewhere on the globe.

Demonstration Day 2022.
Students gather at Windsor Technology Park to present their sustainable innovation.

''Never have I seen a challenge like this one, that brings ingenuity and innovation to pose a simple yet elegant and resourceful solution for everyday problems. Every team was passionate and dedicated, making my task as a judge even more difficult.''- TYLER NEATH, JUDGE
''Tackling real-world problems that are happening in your own community is something that everyone is capable of doing no matter how old you are. That’s what the challenge is all about.''- MEGAN LEUNG, JUDGE
''I loved seeing through this challenge from the initial design to the demonstration. It’s awesome seeing what students can accomplish with solar technology and their ingenuity to support their community.''- SARAH LOU, DESIGNER OF THE CHALLENGE AND JUDGE
''Greenway’s Sustainability Challenge was an awesome experience. It gave middle and high school students the opportunity to explore, innovate and think big in a way that will positively impact the environment and the world.''- LINDSAY HARLEY, JUDGE

Windsor Team, OMGL present their rain-water catchment and irrigation system

ImgThe A-Team of Windsor High School show off their winter water heater for wildlife


Lowell Graded School Team, Green Machine test their solar-powered water system.

ImgTeam Cougars present their swimming safety water sensor to Norwich Solar CEO Jim Merriam