Engineering Our Sustainable & Equitable Future

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Greenway mission is to prepare the current and next generations to engineer our equitable and sustainable future

Our Goals

1. Purposeful Education

Greenway will flexibly design for hands-on, team-based learning with a continued emphasis on sustainability and equity.

  1. Use hands-on, project-based engineering to support the development of students’ technical, communicative and collaborative skills in an exciting, application-based manner.
  2. Create, model and sustain a just society and close-knit community within which students, staff and faculty from all backgrounds work and collaborate.
  3. Build a working partnership with industry leaders in green technology to provide employment opportunities for students and advice on sustainable practices and thinking for industry partners.

2. Sustainability

Sustainability at Greenway means we strive for true sustainability with respect to the environment, society, and economy.

  1. Environmental: All communities and their activities in harmony with the environment.
  2. Social: Ensuring that equality, fairness and inclusion are at the core of all we do.
  3. Economic: Fair distribution and equitable, abundant generation of wealth and resources.

3. Equity

The Institute will ensure that all members of our community have everything they need to succeed.

  1. Offer robust mentorship for all students from they begin at Greenway through to placement in a successful career or entrepreneurial venture. Mentor groups consist of students, faculty and professionals and assist students in their personal, academic and professional development.
  2. Universal design – by designing our programs to suit the needs of underrepresented populations, we actually design for all.
  3. Provide current students and graduates with financial support to actively work to make their community and world a better place without the burden of debt.
  4. Implement continuous evaluation and improvement practices to ensure that we do what we say we will, and to ensure that prior lack of opportunity isn’t the barrier that prevents some students and other community members from achieving success.

4. Close Community Connections

The Institute will become an integral part of the surrounding community while supporting that community and furthering green practices in the area.

  1. Offer initiatives for students to engage with the surrounding community to build community ties and to learn about and improve the community’s sustainable and equitable practices.
  2. Encourage students to learn about, assist with, and improve the sustainable and equitable practices of their own communities. As our students come from diverse backgrounds, this provides a unique opportunity to address issues that underrepresented populations might face.
  3. Build a talent pipeline for our emerging green energy and technology sector.

5. Hub of Green Innovation

Greenway Institute will be a main player in the development and testing of emergent green technologies and entrepreneurship. The Institute will foster a community of innovation for both students and professionals and act as a centralized location for all things green.

  1. Develop a core group of professionals who collectively are experts in sustainable technologies and are passionate about mentoring, teaching, and co-learning.
  2. Create a program that draws engineers, scientists, business leaders, and researchers from local and global industries to hold & attend seminars, training sessions, and short courses.
  3. Solve real-world industry challenges through identifying challenges and designing solutions alongside green energy businesses.