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We offer programs designed to engage and excite middle and high school students about sustainable engineering, innovation, building and design. We want students to be exposed to green energy technologies and the iterative process of engineering early. As students design, build, test and rebuild, we help them to build their confidence in their abilities and to see “failure” as an essential part of improvement.


Greenway’s 2022-23 Build a Better World Challenge

Design and build a sustainable engineering prototype that solves a food-related issue somewhere in the world. As a team, chooses a local, regional or global food issue to solve. Then, design and build an innovative prototype that helps solve that problem. Your prototype (a working model) must improve some aspect of how people access, produce, transport, consume, or recycle food.

Examples of project ideas:

  • Design a self-mixing compost bin for recycling cafeteria food waste
  • Create a zero-waste aquaponics system for small farms
  • Build an irrigation system that conserves water
  • Design a solar-powered farming tool that makes farmers’ lives easier
  • Build a prototype that improves transportation of food
  • Or build any other food-related engineering solution!
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Math Program

Greenway’s Math Through Hands On Engineering Summer Program

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