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Greenway uses real-world, 100% hands-on challenges to help students learn the principles of sustainable engineering and entrepreneurship. Our academic systems and structures are designed to support all types of motivated learners, providing multiple means of expression, engagement, and representation.

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Our programs feature student – centered learning, team projects, hands – on application, robust mentorship and mastery assessment. We are also committed to providing current students and graduates with financial support so they can pursue their passions. We believe that by equipping our students with the technical and social skills needed to create a sustainable and equitable future, we can change the world.

Greenway Pre-College STEM Programs
Greenway Center for Equity and Sustainability

What We Teach

Our programs expose students to the pillars of green energy and sustainable technology, including energy generation, energy storage and zero- waste.

”Across the planet major transformations are underway… that will decanter the core, reallocate resources, and recalibrate values, the economy, and nature itself. This is the task of education today: to confront the almost unimaginable design challenge of building an educational system that provides for the recreation of civilization during a world system transition. This challenge brings us face-to-face with the importance of education for humanity and the basic questions that structure education as a human endeavor.”
- Zachary Stein, Writer & Educator