Engineering Our Sustainable & Equitable Future

Engineering Our Sustainable Future

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At Greenway, we ensure that all of our actions and policies benefit the planet and its global community. Our aim is to be 100% sustainable – environmentally, economically, and socially.

Sustainability at Greenway

Environmental Sustainability
We are committed to making our planet a better place through smart engineering and entrepreneurship – not just reducing environmental harm, but aligning systems with the natural world.

Economic Sustainability
We prioritize the long-term impact of sustainable design in terms of economic payback and gain through a practice of resource efficiency and equity. We view sustainable engineering design as an economic opportunity, not a drawback.

Social Sustainability
We promote equitable and inclusive practices that strive for the collective well-being of people, justice for all communities, and communal concern for health and safety.

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Greenway College, The Book

More information on the background and motivation for Greenway can be found in the book. Our vision is to prepare the current and next generations to engineer our equitable and sustainable future.

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