Engineering Our Sustainable & Equitable Future

Engineering Our Sustainable
& Equitable Future

Our mission is to prepare the current and next generations to engineer our equitable and sustainable future.

Greenway Institute seeks to improve the world by preparing the next generation to engineer a sustainable and equitable future for all, rooted in principles of economic, environmental and social wellbeing. We offer programs at the pre-college, college and post college level in sustainable and equitable engineering and entrepreneurship.

About Our Mission
Educational Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe that students learn best when they have the opportunity to apply what they learn to problems or challenges that matter. This is why all of our courses are student-centered, team-oriented, hands-on and project-based.


Our Commitment to Equity & Sustainability

At Greenway, we understand that true sustainability cannot be achieved without equity, and true equity cannot be achieved without sustainability. Sustainability for only some communities is not true sustainability. Our mission is to prepare trained sustainable engineers and entrepreneurs from all communities and with diverse backgrounds, so that together we can achieve true sustainability.

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Our GreenZero Principle

We operate using our GreenZero Principle. This means that we start our designs from the green ideal (100% sustainable and equitable).

Our GreenZero Principle drives us to be:

  • Environmentally Sustainable: 100% green, zero fossil fuel use, zero pollution, zero waste
  • Economically Sustainable: Benefit corporation principles, community based metrics, equitable access and benefits
  • Socially Sustainable: Democratic governance, collaborative structures, continuous improvement, universal access and accountability
“Greenway gets people excited about sustainability, excited about technology, excited about engineering, and shows them how to design an equitable and sustainable future.”
Troy McBride, Co-Founder