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Solar Powered De-Icing Watering Trough


Fem in STEM, Windsor VT

Winner: Best Overall Design


With our project, we were trying to solve the problem of livestock’s water freezing in the cold. Our goal was to create a heated water tank that was powered by solar energy, so water will always stay warm enough to be provided for the livestock.

First Design Drawing


This drawing has some of the elements of the prototype but doesn’t include the whole design or any specifications.

Second Design Drawing


This drawing is more specific than the last, and shows how the design will work, but the drawing is still quite crude, and doesn’t help much with choosing materials

Third Iteration Design Drawings

Screen Shot At Pm

These design drawings are much more specific and helped Fem in STEM choose materials to build their prototype.

Materials List

  • 50-gallon rubber water trough

  • 2 RV 12V heating pads

  • 100 ft expandable hose

  • 1-inch drain plug

  • 1/4 inch aluminum insulation

  • 2 sheets of plywood, 8′ x 4′ x 1/2″

  • 1 box of 1-inch screws

  • 1 manual shut-off switch

Screen Shot At Pm

Fem and STEM’s water trough during the build process

The Final Prototype!

Img X

Fem in STEM present their final prototype at Demonstration Day